“All Lines of Insurance”

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No one is going to hire a company to do work without the proper contractors insurance. This insurance is to protect the consumer and the company from job related risks, including but not limited to accidents, injuries or damage to someone’s property.  At Cohen Insurance Agency, LLC we can help. We have a number of coverage policies at reasonable rates to give you what you need and your customer what they deserve.

Contractors Insurance

At Cohen Insurance Agency, LLC we can assist you with all of your contractor insurance. We offer a full range of coverage plans sure to deliver.

We never see them coming but we’re glad we have help when they do. If your business requires contractors insurance trust us to find you the right policy at the right price.


Protecting yourself when accidents happen

OK, it’s not always about the customer. Contractors insurance is just as important for your company and your employees. It not only lets the world know how responsible and professional you are it also speaks to the respect you have for those who work hard for you. It gives them peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong, you have their back, and that goes a long way in any relationship. Get started and contact us today.

Protect your business and your employees

Let’s get started on your coverage, call now!