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Are you out of work due to non-industry illness, illness, or condition? Disability insurance can help provide a partial wage while you are out of work.  If you are injured on the job you may be eligible for workers compensation and you need to check with your employer before you take any further action. Disability insurance is set to protect you when and if you are in need of supplemental income while you are out of work.

Disability Insurance

Protect yourself and your family if you’re injured and not able to work. Let us help with all of your disability insurance coverage.


Depending on your situation you may be eligible for Social Security help. Please contact us or visit Social Security on-line to learn more about your options and available programs.


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Social Security

Sadly, even when we get hurt the world around us does not stop. We still have bills and responsibilities. At Cohen Insurance Agency, LLC we can help you with disability insurance, from good, solid, trust worthy advice and direction to actually setting you up with coverage. Very rarely are two situations the same and we will tend to you and yours with great attention. We’ll give you the individual care you deserve.

In tough times we all need help

We offer discounts on certain coverage. Let us tell you!